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PointUI Home 2 Is Here

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Mozilla’s browser for Windows Mobile, Fennec, was not the only one released today. So is Home 2 from PointUI as this banner on their site shows:


Head on here to download your copy (resolution specific).

This Browser’s Gonna BOLT You Off Your Feet

BOLT Browser When it comes to browsers on Windows Mobile, the native Pocket Internet Explorer is commonly replaced by a plethora of choices. Names such Opera & Opera Mini’  the highly regarded Skyfire, the upcoming Iris and the not to be forgotten NetFront are just some of the more popular choices when it comes to replacing PIE. Soon, you will be able to add another browser to that mix: BOLT.

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Find Out Who’s Calling You

The next time the phone rings and the number’s not in your phonebook, the aptly named CallerID application will tell you who’s calling.

image After downloading and installing, you choose country code and service provider for the reverse lookup. From there, you can tweak other settings such as auto-start, react to your stylus pull and how you want your newly found contacts saved.

The next time your phone rings, you’ll know who exactly is calling you. The application is still new and needs some work a great start nonetheless.

I’d recommend you autostart this application only if you have a high-speed data connection as it needs to access a server when a call comes in do the lookup.

image That’s not to say those on the slower EDGE/GPRS network would find this useless because you can still use the application to find out who that missed call numbers belong to.

Another cool feature I found is that the application relies on the a server which allows the developer to easily add more countries and service providers without having users to install a newer version of the software.

Head over here to download the application. Be sure to share your findings with the developer so he can improve it.

The HTC Touch HD Review – Part I

The Massive HTC Touch HD Review @ My Today Screen Wow! This took a whole lot longer than I expected to come up with but it’s now in its final stages that I can start posting the earlier parts for your reading pleasure and hopefully serve as a good reference for those of you thinking of getting one. So if you are wondering if the Touch HD is worth spending the $700 (if you are in the US), hopefully you’ll come to a conclusion at the end of this series of reviews.

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The Fix To Fix The Fix

Hot fix causing another problem So yesterday’s on-screen slider fix brought with it another problem, just like the fix before that as reported by some users.

This time around, it rendered the Video Call button unusable as seen from the screenshot on your right. Clicking this would actually bring up the Call History page instead.

I didn’t realize this when I first installed the hot fix because here in the US, we don’t use video calling so it had no effect on me.

For users who tried uninstalling the the hot fix to solve the issue, they would have realized that it didn’t. Fret not, because a hard reset is not the solution in this case.

Over at XDA-Developers, camro has created a CAB file that you can use to get your device back to the state before you installed the hot fix. Just download the file, uninstall the original hot fix and install the new file.

Did that work for you?

2 New Hot Fixes For The Touch HD

HTC Touch HD If you are using a Touch HD, these are 2 files you’ll want to download and install at the earliest possible time.

The first improves on the on-screen slider for answering calls. For me, using the on-screen slider was not an option, no matter how nice it looks. I had to rely on the hard buttons to do that.

Download the fix for this here.

The second fix resolves a display flicker issue when you are using TouchFLO 3D.

Download the fix for this here.

Yes they are hosted on the German HTC site. Going to other versions (such as Europe or US) of the site would not yield those links so use the links given above. Just scroll to the bottom of the page, choose the fix you want for 1. and where you want to download it from in 2. and press the button to get the file.

To install the fix, just copy it to your Touch HD and run the .exe file from it using a File Explorer. After the fix is installed, you will need to restart your device and voila!

Like the previous HTC fix for the Touch HD that solves the multi-tap issue, this one can also be removed if you find it has side-effects.

I am using a WWE ROM and the fix seems to work for me so I don’t think it’s localization dependent but please back up your device before trying it out.

Do the fixes work? Well I encountered the issue with the on-screen slider and I must say that it definitely improves on it a lot. You can now use the slider to answer or reject calls.

As for the second fix, well I don’t encounter it so I can’t comment on it but if you do and have tried the fix, let us know in the comments below.

aGPS: Only Great When Supported

GPS Otherwise, you’re better off using plain ol’ GPS.

I learnt this the hard way yesterday when I decided to take the Touch HD out for a navigational spin. Having TomTom all set up and running, I wanted to see if the lag issue (which will be discussed in another article) was as bas as some claim it was. What I found out instead was totally unexpected.

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Protecting Data with Encryption

Is your device secured? Smartphones have gone from being a novelty to an essential business and mobile tool. They not only allow users to access the Internet from anywhere, but they can also be used to view PowerPoint presentations, write and review documents, and receive email. While portability makes the gadgets popular, it also makes them easier to steal. Personal data stored on a smartphone can be easily copied or removed and used in malicious ways.

The solution to prevent this is the same often touted for computer data security – encryption. Encrypting files ensures that if an unauthorized individual comes in contact with the data, they will be unable to open the file and scan it’s content.

Data encryption on Windows Mobile is a newly developing field – with the release of higher-capacity and better equipped smartphones, more users are looking for ways to protect their data. One of the most sophisticated and popular methods of doing so is via PocketLock, which encrypts files and folders with ARC4 128-bit encryption, and then protects it with a password. The file can be decrypted with the PocketLock software, or easily unlocked by entering the correct password.

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There’s a MobileHeist Going On

MobileHeist going on now!

And you’ll be the one to benefit from it. For 5 days only, our affiliate store, MobiHand, has some great titles at unbelievable prices. Titles like Pocket Informant and Resco Explorer 2008 should already be on your device but if they aren’t, now’s the best time for you to get them at 50% off the regular price. They’ll cost just $14.98 each! Just head over to the links below to make your selection:

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But hurry! Offer is good till December 23rd 2008 only. There are no coupon codes or special instructions to enjoy these prices; just follow the links above, choose your software and checkout. MobiHand just makes it so easy don’t they?

I Hate My Fuze, I Love My Fuze

I have been saying this over and over again since I got my HTC Fuze…


The Fuze is one of the flagship devices for AT&T and really the entire Windows Mobile Professional brand right now.  It has all of the bells and whistles just like the AT&T Tilt did when it was released.  To some, it is the next step in the evolution of a HTC Windows Mobile device.  To others, it is a step backwards because it loses some functionality that the Tilt had…

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