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Archive for October, 2008

Listen To The Radio With Bluetooth Stereo Headsets

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! I love the built-in FM radio on my ETEN Glofiish X500 but what I don’t like is the fact that I need to plug in the wired headsets to listen to it. If you’re like me, Resco has [...]

What’s Been Brewing Over At Wizcode

So it’s been a while since we heard anything from Wizcode but they’ recently have a 30% discount for all members. Nothing new there. But what’s new is the expiry date which is the 15th of this month. So if you’re on the lookout for some Wizcode love, be sure to hit them up.
Anton also [...]

Winners Of Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine’s 2008 Software Awards

Yes, it’s out. After some grueling months of judging, the results have been tallied and we have our winners. Me and Doug were judges in this year’s awards, as were many others around the world. It was a truly memorable experience for me because I have always been following the awards for the last couple [...]

Want An XPERIA X1?

I sure do. Unfortunately, neither you nor me will be able to get one at the moment. But that’s about to change because Clove Technology has just sent out emails stating that October 6th will be the magical day.

Price is at £445 before VAT which translates into just under USD$743. Not too bad when you [...]

HTC’s New Price List

HTC just announced some really hot new devices but there were no news on it’s prices; until now. Thankfully, Windows Mobile Italy has given us what we’ve all been waiting for. I hope you’ve been saving up because they’ll be setting you back by a bit:
HTC Touch HD: €849/$1,200 USD*
HTC Touch Viva: €279/$390 USD*
HTC [...]

Bought A Mac But Want Windows Mobile?

It used to be a hard time synchronizing between a Windows Mobile device and Mac OS. So much so that some commercial applications were created for such a problem. Problem was, they were commercial and I think something as basic as this should have a cheaper (read: free solution). Enter SyncMate.
Created by Eltima, SyncMate [...]

ActiveSync Is More Dangerous Than You Think

The thing I missed most about ActiveSync 3.x is its ability to sync over WiFi networks. Unfortunately, Microsoft chose to remove this feature when they released ActiveSync 4.x on the grounds that they wanted to make the application more secure. Well, I guess they missed this security loophole then:

Thanks to the RNDIS technology that was [...]

Windows Live Search Also Releases An Update

Hot on the heels of Google’s recent update of its Map application for Windows Mobile, we also have one for Windows Live search by Microsoft.
Unlike Google, where we have no idea what’s in the changelog, we do know for a fact that with your new Live Search, the application will load a lot faster. [...]

$8-15 For Licensing Is Not Much When You Consider What You’re Getting

There was quite a big uproar yesterday where many blogs made fun of Microsoft’s decision to keep it’s licensing fee, especially when other companies like Google (Android) and Nokia (Symbian) are now free and open-source.
My initial impression was that, hey, it’s only $15 at most. And Windows Mobile devices sell for a lot more [...]

Adroid Is Not Taking On Windows Mobile

Or so HTC says. In fact, they claim that it actually complements it:
“T-Mobile G1 manufacturer HTC plans to develop more handsets based on Android. It maintain this will not affect its Windows Mobile business – the Google platform and Microsoft’s are ‘complementary’, it claimed. According to a report by DigiTimes, John Wang, Chief Marketing [...]

Join Proporta’s Facebook Page

And get 12% off their new and nice cases for the iPod family. Promotion ends October 31st so you’d definitely want to do this one quickly. I wished they had included some Windows Mobile love as well (please Proporta?) but even without it, you should still give some thoughts to joining their page. So would [...]

Will HTC Reach Their Target of 15 Million?

That’s what they’re predicting for themselves according to Boy Genius Report. Turn your Windows Mobile powered device over and chances are, it’s made by HTC. The interesting thing is that they expect the majority of these sales to come from Windows Mobile sales and only about 200,000 from the T-Mobile/Android platform. What’s even more [...]

Ballmer Takes A Swipe At Android

The Android’s first device, T-Mobile’s G1, was recently announced and it didn’t take long for Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer to make a valid point:
“We do,” Ballmer told Reuters, when asked whether his firm would stick with licensing fees. “We are doing well, we believe in the value of what we are doing.”
“It’s interesting to ask [...]

Have You Gotten An XPERIA X1?

Yesterday (September 30) marks the launch date of the SonyEricsson XPERIA X1 with UK, Germany and Sweden being the lucky trio to get their hands on it first. Not being in those markets our region, I am not sure if they’ve even hit the stores so if you’re around the area, let us know [...]

Google Launches Map For WM

I am not sure when this one was released but I was just browsing around and found it. Still no Street View which has been launched on a few other platforms like the BlackBerry but I guess that would change soon. Not too sure about the changelog for this one either so it’s really [...]

Fancy Some 16GB Storage?

I know I would and it’s now possible: SanDisk just recently announced the 16GB microSDHC. With that amount storage, you could bring just about everything but the kitchen sink with you. The price is not too bad too, at $99.99 at Best Buy. It wasn’t too long ago that the 8GB version retailed at [...]