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Thinking Of Getting An Atom Life?

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Then you’ll definitely want to find reviews of it yeah? Well you’re in luck, not only have we covered the O2 Atom Life here on My Today Screen, but Clinton of has covered the MWg Atom Life over [...]

Review: Bubble Babble — Is Astraware Fishing For Kind Words?

They say that if stand in the surf at just the right time of day, you can actually hear the ocean talking to you.  As the waves crash against the sand and rocks, many have claimed to hear a sort of singing or speaking in the undercurrents, calling them out to sea.  Of course, [...]

Make your device work for YOU! Part VII: Miscellaneous 1/2

Welcome back to Part VII of our 8 week series on various registry tweaks that can be done on your WM5/6 device (I certainly do apologize for taking so long for this release). This week we will be taking a look at some miscellaneous tweaks. As I have quite a few of tricks up [...]

Contest: We Hit 1000, You Get A Prize

One of our short term goals here at My Today Screen was to hit 1000 RSS subscribers by the end of June.  Well, thanks to all of you fantastic readers, we met that goal, a full 20 days early.  So, you all remember the carnival game where you hit the bell to win a [...]

Spb Backup 2.0 Adds Some Much Needed Features

When a company like Spb, which is known for winning multiple awards, does not upgrade an application for a couple of months, you know that something good has to be brewing. Their last version of Backup stopped at 1.6.3 back in November of 2007. Don’t get me wrong. I thought it was great and didn’t [...]

Spb Releases Backup 2.0

Spb has been really quiet with Backup recently (well it’s been for over 6 months if you’re keeping tabs) but it seems that they were working on a completely new version of this very popular backup application. While the interface looks very familiar to seasoned users, don’t be fooled by it. There are a [...]

Pocket IE ‘gets’ mobile browsing

There are new mobile browsers popping up everywhere, all bringing their flavor of desktop browsing to the tiny screen, and it has opened up the majority of the Internet for access by our devices.  So then why is getting information from the Internet still so painful using a mobile phone.  Like everyone else I [...]

The Samsung Omnia: Forget the iPhone, I’ll take this Badboy

Some of you may have missed this among all of the iNews about the iPhone today (and even I have to admit that 3G iPhone is a pretty impressive piece of work), but Samsung officially announced the i900 Omnia today.  And really, this is one impressive phone.  The Omnia features:

Windows Mobile 6.1-
Quad-band GSM / [...]

Time To Get An iPhone?

If you were following Day 1 of WWDC 2008 like I was, you would have known by now that the next generation of iPhone, the iPhone 3G as they call it, has officially been announced.
It’ll come in 3 versions come July 11th, the 8GB which goes for $199, the 16GB priced at $299 and [...]

Win A Mobile Power Pack From PPCTechs

Remember the USB Mobile Power Pack that Doug reviewed here about a month ago? It’s a really neat little device and I’m sure any of us would love to own one. If the price for the device has made you think twice, then why not get it for free? Interested? I’ll tell you how…

VITO Ushers In Summer With Free Multimedia

It’s officially summer and the heatwave that we’ve been warned about here in Philadelphia is testament to that. Nothing’s better than a nice cold lemonade right now but over at VITO HQ, they’ve got a different take on summer.
Instead, they want to help you brighten up your life with the sounds of music by [...]

Google Maps: The Map For Pedestrians

There are many navigational software out there but they do not focus on pedestrians. There are millions of us around the world who still take a bus or train to get from one destination to another and thanks to Google, we’ll soon be able to do it more effectively.
You see, Google has teamed up [...]

Weekly Windows Mobile Roundup On June 7 2008

NVIDIA’s New Tegra 600/650
This chip is going to change Windows Mobile as we know it. Why you ask? Watch this video and you’ll understand:

The chip, clocked at 800MHz, has multiple processors which include a HD video processor, an imaging processor, an audio processor, and an ultra-low power GeForce GPU. What’s more, they will support 1080p [...]

Proporta’s Euro Discount

It seems that Proporta aren’t too happy that England did not qualify for this year’s but that’s not going to stop them from giving away discounts now would it? I myself and not sure how those 2 ideas can be connected but hey, who am I to say no to a discount? Trying to explain [...]

FlexMail 4 Handles All Your Windows Mobile Messaging Needs And More

I actually started using FlexMail around the middle of last year and it was not because I wanted to. Reason was, I was not much of a power user when it came to emails on my Windows Mobile device so I saw no need to invest in a powerful application when Pocket Outlook would [...]

One Day, One .NET Application

How difficult can it be to code for Windows Mobile? Not that hard it seems, according to Chris Craft. He’s on a quest to create one .NET application a day for 30 days to show us just how easy it is to code. Right now, he’s on Day 4 in which he just created [...]

You Comment On The Layout, We Give You Prizes

When we first launched our new site on May 30th, we were really excited about it because it was the result of countless hours of hard work. There were multiple versions of files and tons of email flying back and forth discussing what should be added, removed or tweaked. And when we finally launched, [...]

Your HTC Questions Answered

Lately, we’ve been given a glimpse of HTC’s new offerings and can’t get wait to get our hands on it. I know I can’t. However, the problem is that USA will be getting these models much later than their European and Asian carriers. Ever wondered why? And if you’re wondering as to why there’s [...]

WebIs Releases FlexMail 4

Checking through my feeds today, I was rather surprised when Chris from Gear Diary mentioned that FlexMail 4 (among a number of other software titles) was going to be released. It surprised me even more when I went to WebIs’s site and found out that the software was released on May 30th.
So it looks [...]

Aliph Kicks The Jawbone Up Another Notch

When Aliph released the first Jawbone, it generated quite a buzz. Touted as THE headset to have, thanks to its military grade noise-cancellation technology, everyone wanted to get their hands on it. One could now make calls and carry out conversations in places that used to be impossible to do so. Alas, the headset did [...]