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Weekly Windows Mobile Roundup on September 27th 2008

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I still remembered my first experience with widgets about 2 years ago and found them to be rather useful. I had a countdown to the next Prison Break episode as well as another to [...]

Opera Updates 9.5 Beta 1

Just under 2 weeks after releasing what could be the most anticipated software for the Windows Mobile platform, Opera has gone out and released an update to Beta 1. Yes it’s still called Beta 1 and not Beta 2 and for good reason too because there’s not much difference between this one and the one [...]

Weekly Windows Mobile Roundup On May 24 2008

Astraware Launches Pocket Express

We’ve all come to know of Astraware as one of the leaders when it comes to games for the Windows Mobile platform. So I was rather surprised to see this in my mailbox recently. Apparently Astraware has gone just launched a new application called Pocket Express and it’s nothing like what you’ve [...]

Review: Opera Mini 4.1 Beta

When I first reviewed the Opera Mini at Eten Blog dot Com, I was pleasantly surprised by it. In fact, I even considered it to be the best browser for Windows Mobile devices. That was before we heard about SkyFire, FireFox Mobile, Opera Mobile 9.5 and so on. With these new offerings for us Windows [...]